Which Atlantis Hotel is Right for You?

atlantis-paradise-island-bahamas-cover-950x530It’s still common to think of the Atlantis Paradise Island resort in the Bahamas as a single entity, with its iconic twin towers connected by a soaring arch and surrounded by a sprawling, lost-world themed waterpark, Aquaventure, complete with waterslides emerging from a stepped pyramid and plunging riders through an aquarium tank full of toothy sharks.

That part of the resort, now called the Royal hotel, still stands at the center of the property, but over the years the Paradise Island has expanded to include six distinct resort properties, all occupying hundreds of acres of prime beachfront and complemented by an ever growing array of activities and amenities, including a casino, marina, golf, and animal-encounter programs.

Each resort has its own unique character, with more than 3,800 guest rooms aimed at appealing to nearly every type of Nassau-bound traveler. You can learn more in my Atlantis profile in Caribbean Journal:


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